Who we are

We are specialists in the travel retail channel and beyond

We are SPECIALISTS in the travel retail channel and beyond

Our expertise is the worldwide distribution, trading and sourcing of innovative luxury, fashion, travel accessories, jewelry, watches, electronics, cosmetics and much more.

We are DISTRIBUTORS and ensure the worldwide placement of the products in the appropriate channels through our extensive network.

We are MANUFACTURERS and with many years of experience we are able to act as a design, sourcing and manufacturing company, consulting and developing closely with brands product ranges, to meet the high demands of our time and our consumers.

We are INNOVATION SEEKERS, FACILITATORS as well as BRAND AMBASSADORS, who connect vendors, retailers and consumers worldwide.


We are RELIABLE, RESULTS-ORIENTED, OPEN-MINDED and offer everyone involved our extensive expertise based on 30 years of experience with numerous exciting brands in the duty-free area, as well as a modern young international team of experts.


With great passion we represent exclusive and innovative brands in the duty-free channel and use our know-how to create a constant and flourishing existence for brands in the international arena.

Our goal is to provide end consumers with the best products in the most authentic and economically sustainable way.


We are VISION-DRIVEN and are constantly working to expand our network beyond travel retail and to support more brands with a social character to be recognized worldwide.


Hanse Distribution stands for fair trade and cosmopolitan, liberal and innovative thinking. For honest business relationships, global responsibility and, above all, reliability.

With our headquarter in Hamburg, a city that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of infrastructure, versatility and economic dynamism, and with our two warehouses in Hamburg and Hong Kong, we are able to respond rapidly to our customers' requirements and meet the high standards that Travel Retail requires of all the companies in this industry.

We have been proud to grow our sales and profitability year after year since our foundation in 2008 and to develop our business with loyal partnerships.