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With our partnerships in the Travel Retail, we reach out to travelers not only at airports around the globe, but also at train stations, on cruise ships and ferries and in special trade zones worldwide.

Our partners are globally operating leading companies in the TR industry, airports, distributors, concessionaires and retailers, professionals in shop concepts and product range assortments, all with one goal – to offer our customers a unique shopping experience.

Alone at German airports almost 248 million air passengers were counted in 2019, almost 48 million of whom travelled via Munich Airport.


With up to 1000 product listings annually on airlines all over the globe, our international team of inflight professionals offers a deep knowledge and understanding of airlines supply and logistics processes, as well as special aspects of the inflight business and differences in products demands and marketing in each region.

To be listed on board of the airlines means that you can reach out to millions of passengers every day, across all nations and continents.

The airlines of the Lufthansa Group carried a total of 145 million passengers on board in 2019, easyJet uplifted 96.1 million passengers in 2019, just to name a few.

Inflight, in addition to the commercial aspect of it, is an attractive brand exposure and marketing channel.

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