We believe in a new consumer behavior, a necessary re-thinking and a possibility that our habits, especially when travelling and enjoying new experiences, can meet a sustainable lifestyle.

Let’s start with the contribution and support of socially responsible, sustainable brands and products from environmentally friendly productions and fair trade.

Discover innovative, durable and sustainable products from outstanding brands, whose passion is to make our world a little bit better with clever solutions, ecological productions and support of global projects.

They are one of the biggest dangers for our oceans: fishing nets that have snapped off or intentionally been thrown away. These so-called ghost nets can drift around for centuries without control across the seas and are a deadly trap for many animals.

Together with the renowned ocean protection organization Healthy Seas and Ghost Fishing the company retrieves these deadly traps, clean them and produce in craftsmanship a bracelet – the Bracenet. Made from a recycled fishing net with a stainless steel bead. Net material: HDPE (high density polyethylene). 100% Made in Germany. SAVE THE SEAS. WEAR A NET

Dopper absolutely LOVES clean water. In every ocean. From every tap. And yet, every year, 8 million tons of plastic makes its way to our oceans. (Not cool). Together, we can do better! Every bottle sold helps to reduce plastic pollution and supports projects to bring clean drinking water where people need it the most. Make a stand for clean oceans with the new Dopper Solid Steel Special Edition! Whether on a business trip to China or hiking through the Swiss Alps, with this travel companion you will be drinking your water in style, either straight from your design bottle or from the complimentary cup.

Introducing the world’s only sustainable pencil that grows into a plant – Lavender, Mint and even Basil! This exclusive set of Sprout pencils and a mindful coloring book can be used during your flight or bought as a gift. All Sprout pencils contain seeds that grow into plants when put in moist soil. Made in EU.

Treecelets are trendy bracelets that plant trees. Each Treecelet purchased plants up to 5 trees! No wood is used to produce Treecelets, so we basically give life to plants out of gemstones. How cool is that?

This bracelet serves as a proof of your commitment to make the world green again. Let everyone know that you care about our planet. The bracelet also helps us spread the message.

WHAT WE DO? We donate our money to Eden Reforestation Projects, which arranges a team of local workers to plant trees in areas that are affected the most by deforestation. At the moment, we plant in Madagascar and Indonesia. We plant only trees that are native to the environment.

Fine means “end” in Italian and that is what Fine is: the end of your search for the perfect beauty product and the beginning of uncompromising, absolutely reliable beauty care.

Certified organic – certified vegan – designed in Berlin – made in Germany.

Effective protection and high-quality care let you shine and help you feel healthy. “Fine” also means great and “beautiful” in English, it’s all Fine in one word!

Our 100% natural plant-based cosmetics are not only good for skin and hair, but also for the environment. In addition, each product donates to water protection projects worldwide. It is very simple: water is the source of all life. That is why we want to protect it. We do that with our appeal to not waste it, anywhere in the world. And with our products that are 100% natural and do not pollute the environment. And with the GOOD WATER PROJECTS, which bring clean water to those who otherwise would not have access to it.

Vegan enjoyment in the handy packaging for on the go and in between 

Whether on the road, for example, on the way to work or to the next lecture; whether during a leisurely walk, a picnic or in the morning at the campsite: there are countless occasions that can be sweetened with a delicious drink “to go”. 

With a delicious oat drink from bedda in your luggage, you have this pleasure ready in a vegan variant. The oat drink is made with plant-based ingredients from certified organic cultivation and is also Fairtrade certified.

It‘s their mission to change food consumption in the world over the long term. 

With good foods for body and mind and pick up all values and goals from our supply chain partners, resell partners and ourself.


Less sugar, home compostable & plastic-free packaging, organic / vegan, green business models.

„We believe that you shouldn‘t have to choose between doing the right thing and getting the best results. With UPCIRCLE, you get to enjoy the uplifting benefits of nature‘s own skin rejuvenators – and do the planet some good, too. That‘s all round better skincare.“

William & Anna Brightman, Founders


We set ourselves the standard to provide the purest skincare, your skin has ever come into contact with. To do so, we only use ingredients your skin benefits from – natural, pure and 100% vegan. We pay special attention to a sustainable process during production. We avoid the use of plastic as much as possible, and fill our products exclusively in amber glass. Together with Eden Reforestation Projects we plant one tree, for every product you buy. 

And that’s because: Rethinking starts with you.